Are you an organisation which needs to retain, cultivate and develop more of your women in middle to executive management?

Currently uniting over 1,200 women from 48 global organisations and covering 22 sectors of business, The Pearls Programme has been designed to be a sustainable and progressive approach to strengthening the talent pipeline and delivering a better balanced business.

Organisations on board the programme are reporting tangible results from participation of their women in The Pearls Programme.

The Pearls Programme is specifically designed for and supports organisations who wish to:

  • Identify, develop and retain their female talent pool from middle management through to the executive
  • build better relationships with other talent management, organisational effectiveness and HR professionals
  • play their part in developing a more diverse and better corporate culture in the UK

Why the need?

Typically organisations have been working to implement solutions to break down the perceived barriers that have been seen as holding women back such as flexibility, unconcious bias, mentoring, sponsorship, maternity/paternity etc.

However, our research identified that on top of these organisational obstacles, there were three areas of concern for women themselves, compared to their male counterparts, that could potentially be having an impact on their career progression and needed addressing in order to ensure that women were not lost from the talent pipeline.

The Solution

Delivered through a combination of events, networking and online support, The Pearls Programme concentrates on addressing the three fundamental areas which our research has shown are key to solving the leaking female talent pipeline:

  • Building
    and self belief

  • Recognising, understanding
    and growing

  • Developing
    and networks

  • Choice and Control

The Pearls Programme gives Choice and Control for your women in their career progression.

In developing these areas, and uniting like minded women from all sectors of business, it helps to provide women with better choice and control over their chosen careers.

According to the OnePoll Survey (2013)

92% of British women suffer from confidence issue

49% felt they would be further
in their career if they were ‘freed of their self-doubt‘

Who else is on board?

Companies running The Pearls Programme as part of their talent management activites include:

Companies on board